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Chinese invaded Zambales, blow up mountains, Killing farmers and seize Nickel into hi-tech weapons to sabotage the Philippine military and economy. Defend Philippine Territory!

  Poor Philippines!  It is time for the Filipino people to unite - against the USA that treat the country as slavery - with "legal treatise", read how they do it here


 And now it's China who's invading part-by-part and stealing our natural resources (without legal treatise).

It'S time for the Filipinos and Filipinas to have ONE MIND -- UNITED WE ARE STRONG.

The enemy's strategy is always to "Divide and conquer".  So if the Filipinos are divided, then the enemy can conquer them very easily.

Let's help Filipina caregivers, nannies and maids overseas to UNITE together...


Defend Philippine Territory!

The two superpowers United States and China are world bullies and we should not allow a bully to replace another bully,”

We at Migrante Austria join the overwhelming majority of migrant Filipinos resisting the encroachment of Chinese government in Philippine territory.

This encroachment is manifested in the following:

“Chinese invaded Zambales, blow up mountains, Killing farmers and seize Nickel into hi-tech weapons to sabotage the Philippine military and economy”

“With 90% of Spratly Islands is within the 200 NME Economic Zones claimed by China; Philippines so daring to used paper to blind the dragon”

We agree with the statement of Bayan Muna Rep Neri Colmenares protesting the ongoing military exercises (war games) between the United States and the Philippines as it only serves to “heighten tension” in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippine government should strongly assert our territory against China. The two superpowers United States and China are world bullies and we should not allow a bully to replace another bully,”
Moreover, it is illusory for us to expect the US to come to our aid should we find ourselves in armed conflict with China: “US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas reiterated May 24 that Washington will remain neutral on the Spratly Islands issue.”(Philippine Mabuhay News: West Coast Edition, July 2013)

We support the call of The Vienna Filipino Sector as it stages another rally at Stephansplatz, on the 13th of August 7:00pm "to dramatize our unending protest against the illegal intrusion of China into our territorial Waters."

No to China illegal intrusion in our territorial waters!

No to military exercises (war games) in Phlippines sea!

Defend Philippine Territory!

Elmo Carreon
Migrante Austria
Stavangergasse 1/16/13
Vienna 1220 Austria, Europe
Telephone no: +43 676 642 4091
Email Austria


Chinese invaded Zambales, blow up mountains, Killing farmers and seize Nickel into hi-tech weapons to sabotage the Philippine military and economy

Heavy destruction from the invasion of 3 the illegal Chinese Giants in Sta Cruz, Zambales

It's not only Bajo de Masinloc (Panatag/Scarborough Shoal) that the Chinese have occupied. They also have grabbed a slice of mainland Zambales, 108 kilometers east. There Chinese miners rule, stealing nickel ore the same way they poach fish in the shoal. Bribed local officials abet them like modern-day Makapili collaborators.
In the West Philippine Sea-side Sta. Cruz municipality, Zambales, operate three Chinese conglomerates:
  • Jiangxi Rare Earth & Metals Tungsten Group,
  • Wei-Wei Group, and
  • Nihao Mineral Resources Inc.
Through Filipino dummies they have set up five supposed "minahang bayan (small-scale mines)." The five load ore and unload equipment in one common pier, betraying the fact that they actually are one.

Republic Act 6082: "Section 1. There is hereby created in the Department of Justice a board which shall be designated and known as the Anti-Dummy Board and which shall be vested with and shall exercise the powers and duties hereinafter.

Anti dummy law protects the Philippines from unlawful use and exploitation having in its name or under its control, a right, franchise, privilege, property or business, the exercise or enjoyment of which is expressly reserved by the Constitution or the laws to citizens of the Philippines for at least at least 60% of the capital of which is owned by such citizens and maximum of 40% for a foreign investors but the Chinese mining firm paid the local people as dummy to virtually own the 60% while controlling 100% full real ownership.  Section 3. - Any corporation or association violating any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon proper court proceedings, be dissolved and offering rewards 25%  to the informer in Section 3-A. If dummy will come out they would have a chance to own 25% of these whole Chinese illegal investment and 75% would be turnover to the government.
The five machinate under cover of the People's Small-Scale Mining Act of 1991. Such wee mines are for subsistence quarrymen who use only brawn, mini-crushers, hand picks, and shovels. Anything but puny, the five Chinese fronts use sophisticated excavators, drills, crushers, and explosives. With the heavy ordnance, they level mountains for tens of thousands of tons of nickel ore a day. (A small-scale mine is limited to only 50,000 tons in its lifetime.)

Residents of Sta. Cruz cry that the Chinese mines have denuded the forest watersheds, and poisoned farmlands, rivers, sea, and air. Townsfolk of adjacent Masinloc, Zambales, and Infanta, Pangasinan, also suffer. Muddied coastal waters drive small fishermen farther out to sea. But in the vicinity of Bajo de Masinloc, Chinese warships shell them back to shore.

The Philippines is now China's main source of nickel. The five Chinese mines in Sta. Cruz contribute a sizeable portion. Although no exact figures can be obtained – small-scale mines operate under local government licenses, beyond the scope of the Mines & Geosciences Bureau – locals observe at the common wharf the departure of four ore-laden Chinese bulk carriers per week. China processes the nickel into hi-tech weapons and surveillance systems – to sabotage the Philippine military and economy into submission.

The Sta. Cruz-Masinloc-Infanta highway is called the "dump truck capital of the Philippines." Thousands of trucks' tailpipe emissions and ore-load dust pollute the air to alarming levels. Field monitors of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources reported on Nov. 15, 16, and 27, 2012, suspended particulates of 208, 727, and 824 micrograms per cubic meter, respectively, on the highway. Maximum tolerable is 90.

So in the barrios of Sta. Cruz, residents suffer acute respiratory infections – their top cause of morbidity. From 2001 to 2011, rural health workers noted an increasing incidence of 4,500 to 8,500 new cases per 100,000-population per year. Yet the Chinese mines have not improved local household incomes. (The entire mining industry has the highest poverty incidence.)

Health and environment ruin are accompanied by economic and political decay. By disguising as small-scale mines, the five Chinese thieves are able to skirt the stringent rules on the big ones. Provincial business permits can be obtained within days for as low as 10,000, and environmental clearances for 15,000, unlike the years-long wait for biggies to be scrutinized. Because virtually unregulated, the five Chinese mines pay no taxes, duties, fees, or royalties – for at least the sickened townsfolk's medical expenses. Provincial officials justify their localized exactions by pointing out that local governments do not get shares of central government revenues from big miners. (In 2011 the DENR reported that three million tons of Philippine mineral ores that were processed in China were unaccounted for by trade and Customs authorities.)

The mayors of Sta. Cruz, Masinloc, and Infanta profess to oppose the Chinese mines. That the latter continue to operate raises suspicion that the provincial capitols of Zambales and Pangasinan go over the mayors' heads and deal directly with pliant barangay officials. Either that or somebody's lying. The mayor of Infanta was murdered last December.

Bribery stories taint the Chinese mines. How they get away with their destructive ways is a mystery. The Wei-Wei Group entered Botolan, Zambales, in 2005 via a rushed approval during the Arroyo tenure. It came right after then-President Gloria Arroyo allowed China illegally to explore Philippine waters, under a secret, treasonous Joint Seismic Marine Understanding. Wei-Wei later barged into Sta. Cruz-Masinloc-Infanta.

The Jiangxi Group joined in partnership with a Nihao Minerals subsidiary. Officers of Nihao and affiliate Geograce Resources Inc. were involved in the illegal grant to ZTE International Corp. in 2005 of mining rights in the gold rush area of Mount Diwalwal, Compostela Valley in Mindanao Island.

With report Jarius Bondoc Opinion published from philSTAR

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Kill all chinese
  2. Anonymous says:
    Kill all makapili pinoy!!
  3. Anonymous says:
    OMG! lahat ng paraan ginawa na nga china para ma ubos ang ating likas na yaman. pres pnoy sir, wala ba tayong magawa pigilan itong pag mining sa ating bansa? sira na.....ubos na.....maka totohanang pag babago linisin ang mga corrupt na official sir.
  4. Anonymous says:
    Kill all local politician and government imployies that paid of for bribe!
  5. Anonymous says:
    Kung ngaun umaabuso n khit wlang charter change pno kya kpag inaprub pa.haiys pinoy tlaga
  6. Anonymous says:
    Sorry Guys.. Busy si PNOY ngayon nasa SONA, hindi sya makasagot sa mga quest! Tune! new!~ hahahah.. nga..nga. bribe... ang laking bahagi ng Pilipinas ang sinira ng china.. yung mga binayarang dummy lumantad na kayo para maging owner kayo ng 25% sa mga minahan na yan.. Kung ako lang ang dummy sorry ka intsek I will take over the Mining Assets and operations dahil illegal kayo.. violation kayo sa anti-dummy law.. palibhasa mga taga Zambales bobo, wala pang bayag.. o baka ang mga Intsek din ang tumatayong dummy kaya sorry ka Pilipinas uubusin namin kayo...
  7. Anonymous says:
    korek sa mag nananawagan na 100% ownership ng mga intsek sa Pilipinas... ano kayo pinoy o intsek? di pa nga sila naka 100% ownership umabuso na lalo na kung 100% sa kanila wala ng magagawa ang pilipinas kundi lumuhod at inumin ang mapanghing ihi ng intsek
  8. Anonymous says:
    Hay naku kayo dyan taga katalugan pde bang.... e educate nyo naman yan taga zambales.... Kung nasa bahagi lng ng mindanao ang zambales malamang kinakatay na namin yang mga corrupt na sangkot dyan pasalamat sila malayo sila sa mindanao...... nakakainit ng ulo mga taga zambales....
  9. Anonymous says:
    Tatanga-tanga o nagtanga tangahan lang itong mga local officials ng Zambales. This illegal mining must be stopped for God sake tama na sobra na itong walang kahihiyan ng mga Intsik.
  10. Anonymous says:
    buti nga sa inyo bleeeehhhhhh. tagalog puti itlog. putang ina nyo.
  11. Anonymous says:
    dont ever ever stop the chinese illegal miners,lagot kayo kay GOVERNOR EBDANE dating hepe yan ng PNP!!! tyak may timbre yan sa PNP,hahahahaha (KAWAWANG PILIPINAS pinugaran ng mga corrupt local officials)
  12. Anonymous says:
    Mabuti mag gutom ang mga taga Zambales para mag Civil war sila laban sa Gobyerno nila nag matauhan ang mga corrupt na yan at tatanggalin silang lahat NI DILG CORRUPT 2 Mar Roxas...tulad sa ginawa nya kay Gwen Garcia sa Cebu... hahahah mga corrupt mag patayan yan .. magnanakaw ay laging galit sa kapwa magnanakaw
  13. Anonymous says:
    Mindanao mo mukaha mo piling mo perpekto kyo. baka pekpekto pwede Pa. Ano itlog nyo Ginto?
  14. This comment has been removed by the author.
  15. Anonymous says:
    Bullsh-t. See how your former president ruined this country? a lot of projects my as*.
  16. Anonymous says:
    jusme!!!asan na ba mga holdaper at mga mamamatay tao dito...patayin n mga yan
  17. Anonymous says:
    gawin nio po nararapat..kaya pala murang mura ang kanilang Chinese trades sa mga kutsara at iba pa kc base sa news na ito may pagkailigal ang pagkuha...di lang sa bansa gumagawa ng smuggling ang Chi, pati sa spain mern din na news months ago about sa illegal acts nila dun
  18. Anonymous says:
    this is outrageous........the central govt must do something about it,those local offl must be tried too for accepting bribe......these chinese miners wreck havoc to where they mine they undermine phils mining laws.these should be stop immdiately
  19. Anonymous says:
    Shame on these Chinese operators and owners, and shame on those locals who would betray and trade off their own country for just a mean amount of "incentives" given to them so that these scumbags could continue to steal from us. These exploiters are lower than dirt, no more than lying, cheating little theives who have no values at all. I hope the government would take action on this matter and as well as on other under tha table operations similar to such, which have not yet been exposed. Poor Philippines, you were always being taken advantage of.
  20. Anonymous says:
    Cguro d pa nakakarating yan s officials ng zambales na hindi corrupt.or baka kaya hndi bnbigyan ng pansin yan eh dhil sa nakikinabanang dn cla s bribe.. tga zambales aq pero ngaun ko lng nlman n mern pla ganyan sa zambales.sabagay ibang bayan nmn aq. Cno ba pd lapitan para nakrating s nakakataas yan at kung sakali ganu nmn makakasigurado na ung oficial n un eh hnd sangkot jan. Ipamedia n yan para malaman ng buong mamamayan ng pilipinas.baka sakala maaksyunan ng mga nasa taas.
  21. Anonymous says:
    Kung ako taga Zambales, Hindi na ako matutulog.. MAgsisimula na akong mag vigil para sa mga viktims at magsimula na rin akong mag ipon ng gasolina para sunugin ang mga minahan ng Intsek... Nasaan ang mga hinayupak na mga NPA .. panay pangugulo ng mga Hayup na NPA sa mIndanao.. sinusunog nila ang mga equipment ng Minahan ng mga Australian companies at wala man lang nasusunog na Chinese owned? ano itong mga Hayup na NPA!!!!? May overtime pay mula sa china para pataubin ang lahat ng bansang ka kumpetensya ng China?... Hayup kayong mga NPA ... sinong NPA members dito na nagbabasa... ginagamit lang kayo ng leaders nyo.. si Jose Maria Sison sarap ng Buhay sa Europe... 5 ang asawa.. China ang sponsor samantalang kayo nasa bundok nagtatago at gingamit ng china... gumising kayo....
  22. Anonymous says:
    please dont blame the chinese illegal miners!!! they will not do it without the blessing of central government and local officials,especially MAYOR!!! by the time these people leave the air is polluted nothing to breathe,soil is contaminated by the end all fingers are pointing at each other to blame....mga inutil na opisyal...
  23. Anonymous says:
    Its time for a change.. If the People in Zamables cared about their province they must act on it.. People from Zambales must not be allowed to enter Manila para mapipilitan silang ayusin ang gusot sa probinsya nila. Palibhasa ang lapit lang ng Manila kaya wala silang pakialam sa probinsya nila. Dapat pababain nila ang Mayor nila at ang DILG ay mag appoint ng mga bagong opisyal na inutil
  24. ompet says:
    itanong nio sa mga opisyales na nakaupo dyan.. haha
  25. Ano ba bulag na ba talaga ang mga Pinoy, nasaan na ang mga Tongressman at senatong bakit di nyo gawan ng action ang labis na pangaabuso ng mga intsik...Punyeta talaga ang mga tao dyan sa zambales...wla man lang action na ginagawa...gising hoy...Kakatukin na namin ulit si Pres.Pnoy ano ba ang magagawa mo dito sa ganitong klaseng problema...Hindi ba ito kasama sa mga Priorities mo?
  26. Anonymous says:
    it's amazing why barangay captains,councilors,mayors.congressmen,governors,senators and cabinet secs never reported these activities to the President ?or is he a part of the classified channel of secrecy too?GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES.
  27. Anonymous says:
  28. Anonymous says:
    God Bless the Philippines :(
  29. Anonymous says:
    Is there more smuggling activity in the other province?
  30. Vic says:
    I really believe we are being exploited and bullied not only by the Chinese but also other countries. Its been going on for quite sometime now.
  31. Anonymous says:
    Corruption ang dahilan dyan. Sure meron din chinese pero ang pinakamalaking dahilan ay yung mga binoto nyo mga engeng! In the end ang mag bebenefit ay yung nagcorrupt na filipino at yung chinese company. Bakit nag corrupt yung filipino?? kasi corrupt din yung mga nasa manila! d maayos ayos yung kapital pano pa kayo probinsya

    pangit ang article na to napaka one sided. profit lang ang atupag nyang mga company na yan. gagawin din nila yun sa ibang bansa. Pati ibang bansa sa europe o america ginagawa yan. Ang problema lang talaga ay gobyerno natin hindi china
  32. Anonymous says:
    ikaw ang dapat mamatay sa gutom taenamo.wag mo idamay ang mga taga zambales sa kagaguhan mo.walang utak...pwee.
  33. Anonymous says:
    Wala ba ginagawa ang DENR at si President Pnoy sa mga masamang nangyayari sa bansa natin?
  34. Anonymous says:
    Why blame the CHINESE, it's but natural for the Chinese, or for that matter any country, to seek their needed resources where ever it may be at whatever cost! Blame the LOCALs who sold not only themselves out, but also the country's resources to the Chinks.
  35. Anonymous says:
  36. Anonymous says:
    Si Mayor nagbigay ng ELC - economic land concession para makapag operate mga lintik na yan dyan, business as usual for Mayor. Traydor ka Mayor! dapat sayo itali sa puno at ipakagat sa langgam maghapon magdamag!
  37. Anonymous says:
    Anong magagawa mo kung puro corrupt ang mga nasa gobyerno... ANO! nga-nga nga-nga.
  38. Anonymous says:
    Another wicked work of the Arroyo administration.
  39. Anonymous says:
    Dapat itong mga governors,vice governors, mayors, vice mayors, councilors, barangay captains at mga SK councilors rin ay mailagay na rin sa mga bilanguan.

    calling on government officials, please build more big prison cells for these criminals, illegal drug lords, illegal huweteng lords, illegal loggers, corrupt officials and greedy and corrupt businessmen.

  40. Anonymous says:

  41. Anonymous says:
    Makes me wonder why our government is allowing this to happen in our own country???
  42. Anonymous says:
    kill all manlolokong chinese
  43. Anonymous says:
    corek ka pare!
  44. Anonymous says:
    haven't heard or read this from newspapers or TV... this should catch the attention of the President if it came out in the media... but maybe... maybe even the media was bought. They must have been bought... through the government officials - LGUs, DENR, etc, otherwise the news will come out...
  45. Anonymous says:
    There are moles in the government who allowed this thing to happen! Corruption in the worst way. These people are looking more for themselves and the riches they can stash at the expense of our national security. Firing squad for traitors like them and even those who benefit from such.
  46. Anonymous says:
    Calling on DENR, DILG, LGUs (governor, vice governor, mayor, vice mayor, councilors, barangay captains) Police chief PNP, and lastly President Pnoy please.

    This has to stop NOW!
  47. Anonymous says:
    dapat ang presidente imobilize ang Philippine Army Para banatan ang mga mining companies na to, confiscate all their equipments! patayin mga supporters nila. lalo na yung mga nasa pwesto jan
  48. Anonymous says:
    Suntok sa buwan.. Session Road. Hehehehe!
  49. Anonymous says:
    In other news: While China is slowly invading the Philippines thru Zambales, the country has just finished with their OMG Awards
  50. Anonymous says:
    tanga kasi yung taga zambales,dapat samolan na nila yan ,wala namang ginawang mabuti yung mga intsik na yan dahil mga commnista yan,nasaan na yong mga magagaling na mga rebelde.ayaw nyo dahil para din kayong snud sunoran sa mga intsik na nagbigay ng suporta sa inyo .nasaan na yong mga magagaling mag rally ayaw rin ninyo dahil supotadi din kayo ng mga communistang intsik. dapat sa inyo doon na kayo titira sa china .tingnan natin kung pakakainin ng mga intsik may maangkin ba kayong lupa doon.
  51. Anonymous says:
    Sory walang magic si pinoy para makita lahat ng nangyayari.kaya nga may kapitan,sk member,mayor,congressman city mayor diba?
  52. Anonymous says:
    Ikaw ano na ba nagawa mo para sa bayan? Magmura ng kapwa? Nonsense.
  53. Anonymous says:
    You made no sense bro.
  54. Anonymous says:
    love,pray for our country that the LORD will bless us let the 2 govertment well talk in peace.GOD bless as all (FILIPINO)
  55. Anonymous says:
    arroyo administration is the most corrupt as evidenced by these dastardly acts. i hope we will learn our lessons now in 2013 and in the future.
  56. Anonymous says:
    Until now, we have always been looking at government from the outside as passive spectators and as bystanders: Not anymore. CANA believes the route to real People Power is via information, education, organisation, advocacy and participation. Working simultaneously at the local and national level provides us all with practical opportunities on a daily basis in our communities. It also gives us a national voice and stage.

    So CANA is working to help set up a minimum of 28 local citizen action groups for accountability – but we hope many more groups will join together to build a national network for learning and sharing. Most importantly, CANA’s future rests not with the few groups that launched it, but with you – the people and communities across the country who will take future ownership and charge of CANA, just as we all need to take ownership and charge of government.

    Understand and organize. Monitor and engage.

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